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JGN Construction delivers full service Construction Management services. By having extensive relationships with trusted subcontractors who are experts in their respective fields we are able to produce the highest quality construction in an efficient working environment. 


JGN is committed to producing exceptional projects while staying within budgeting and scheduling constraints.  With great attention to detail and a motivating team of professionals we coordinate and deliver a project from start to finish.


JGN will draft a project schedule to keep the client and design team informed of the venture ahead. Major milestones are identified with taking logistic challenges into account. Factors such as long lead time items, weather and the need for off - hour labor are all taken into account.  JGN continues to exceed expectations on projects with tight scheduling constraints.


We will also provide cost tracking services. Providing a competitive bidding system and accurate bid leveling, we will determine and buyout all trades required for a project. We will negotiate change orders, and review and process AIA billing. 


JGN will track, review and manage submittals and shop drawings to assure submittals approval does not interfere with project schedule. Our experienced field personnel oversee quality control in the field. They verify that installation matches approvals and will function as intended for the end user. Field Supervisors will also aptly schedule trades to maximize productivity while maintaining a safe working environment.

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